Sim Ahmed is a London-based
Marketer, Designer, and Developer

@simantics on Twitter
Latest TweetMarch 25, 2019

Living in London is so cool for nerds. I saw Tom Hiddleston casually buying a book (I know, celebrities are just like us?!) and now I think I’m sitting at the airport lounge with @feliciaday (hi!). Y’all should live here too.

@simantics on Twitter
Latest TweetMarch 22, 2019

Hi @RoyalMail I found a dropped letter on the street with a courier sticker instead of a stamp. If I pop this in a mailbox will it get to the right place ?

@simantics on Twitter
Latest TweetMarch 16, 2019

RT @AsherGoldman: To my Muslim brothers and sisters, I'm sorry we let you down. My heart is broken for you and I don't know how we can heal…

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