The South Island is Stupid Beautiful

Published: July 18, 2018

queenstown-piano A man plays the piano on the shores of Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown.

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south-island-wanaka A tree on Lake Wanaka (no, not that tree).

south-island-alps-plane A photo of the Southern Alps taken from a private aeroplane. Oh, I do live the jetset life, don't I?

south-island-church-stars The Church of the Good Shepard on the shores of Lake Tekapo. It's a spectacular view under the night sky so dark, it's considered a Dark Sky Reserve. south-island-galaxy I spent a freezing cold night, under a cloudless night sky, trying to get more photos like this one. It was worth all the frozen snot. south-island-church The church is a bit of a hotspot with photographers. It seems some visitors have been treating the place poorly, so they're more wary of letting wanderers come in and take photos. south-island-fjords2 The road down to Milford Sound is as dangerous as it's beautiful. Some winters the roads can be closed for days at a time, leaving you stuck in a tiny port with only helicopters to get supplies in and out. south-island-fjords3 south-island-fjords south-island-road-milford south-island-road-milford2 It's all worth it though, because you can see up close how powerful and unforgiving nature is when you give it a few million years, and several trillion tonnes of snow and ice to play with. south-island-sim-lake-matheson Yip, it's all enough to make a man a bit emotional.