Nerdy digital marketer from New Zealand, living and exploring London.

I'm fascinated by the intersection of creativity and technology, and I spend unhealthy amounts of time induldging my inner geek child.


I started my career as a technology journalist, writing for small business magazines in New Zealand. My forte was stories about all the amazing software companies the tiny island nation kept producing.

Eventually I wanted to be a part of the story instead of just writing about it from the outside. I found that I could use storytelling to help startups grow and succeed. In the years since, I’ve been a Community Manager, a Customer Marketing Manager, a Product Marketing Manager, and led two marketing teams. Now I manage the marketing team at ScreenCloud – a B2B SaaS company based in London.

When I’m not fiddling around with marketing automation or doing cool shit with my team, I still dabble in writing.


For fun, I like to wander around Europe trying different cheeses with my wife. I love me some Gruyère.

I use photography and design as creative outlets and cheap therapy. My street photography of Auckland has been featured in Huffington Post, PetaPixel, Laughing Squid and Metro Magazine.

I play D&D every week with a group of nerdy friends, because who doesn’t want to pretend to be a level 7 half-elf wizard with a penchant for discovering cursed items.